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why do you need my instagram password?

your social media manager cannot manage your instagram account without your instagram password

July 8, 2019

instagram login

your instagram manager needs full-time access to your instagram account.

this is in order to:

  1. follow instagrammers relevant to your industry/business
  2. like the instagram photos & videos of instagrammers relevant to your industry/business
  3. view the stories of instagrammers relevant to your industry/business;

and in turn grow your instagram account ensuring that you:

  1. get instagram followers from pertinent instagrammers
  2. get instagram likes from pertinent instagrammers
  3. get instagram views from pertinent instagrammers
  4. get instagram comments from pertinent instagrammers; and
  5. increase sales
  6. increase website traffic
  7. monetize your instagram account


we do not disclose your instagram login information to individuals, parties, websites or applications which are not an essential part of our business. our server-side encryption ensures that your details are safe with us.

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