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what is withWings?

withWings is a highly specialized instagram account management service

July 8, 2019

what is withWings?

our social media managers use your instagram accounts to engage with demographics and users relevant to your brand, on your behalf, through the traditional mediums of Instagram: likes, follows and views. In return, you receive reciprocal likes, views, comments, sales and followers - leading to high engagement rates, an increased sphere of influence and new clients for your business.

how does instagram management work?

as soon as you've signed up to withWings, you’ll be assigned an instagram manager who will get in touch via instagram direct.

your social media manager logs into your instagram account and takes hundreds of daily actions on behalf of you or your business. these include;

  • liking,
  • following and;
  • viewing stories.

you receive reciprocal likes, comments and follows from other Instagrammers. This not only leads to high engagement rates and new followers, but saves you hundred of hours per month. you can focus on developing your brand while we share your hard work with the rest of the world!

how we get you instagram famous

Our social media managers engage with Instagrammers who are the most relevant to you. this is a vital process as these are the instagrammers you would usually reach by using industry-relevant hashtags or paying for instagram ads. Our managers manually select these Instagrammers based on their interests, such as who they follow, the hashtags they use and the content they post. these users see that you have engaged with them and engage back.

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