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What is an Instagram Ad Manager / Campaign Manager?

Find out the difference between a personal social media / Instagram manager and a regular Instagram manager.

July 8, 2019

all instagram ad campaigns at withWings are managed by ad campaign managers (also called social media managers or instagram ad managers). these are instagram professionals who log into your account and set up highly targeted sponsored posts, targeting instagrammers who are relevant to your niche and industry, so that you can get more followers, likes, views, sales and engagement.

what other benefits are there of having managed instagram ads?

an instagram ad manager will be in direct contact with you any time you require assistance. they will be at your beck and call when ever you'd like to make adjustments to your targeting, or ask any account-management-related questions. you will work together with them to get the best results possible from withWings. please check your instagram direct inbox and/or email after paying for a message from your account manager.