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What Does Your Ad Management Package Include?

You'll get our absolute best no matter your budget.

July 8, 2019

an instagram growth package withWings

we wanted to make our best service available to everyone, no matter their financial background. we set up your ad campaign free of charge, and charge you a commission solely dependent on your ad budgets.

your ad campaign package will include the following (applies to small and large budget campaigns):

  • an ad manager - an instagram expert who logs into your account in order to set up calculated ad campaigns on your behalf. you will be able to ask them questions and continually provide additional guidance on the types of targeting you'd like.
  • target by Gender - you will have the option to target by gender if desired.
  • Target by Location - you will be able to specify locations you'd like your manager to target, or they can decide based on their analysis profile.
  • Target by instagram business category or Industry - your ad manager will only target people in niche industries, based on a combination of your own advisement and/or their own analysis profile.
  • 24/7 support - you will receive on-demand support from your instagram campaign manager
  • easy top ups - top up your ad budget any time by contacting your account manager.
  • free setup - you will not be charged for the setting up of your ad campaign. you will only be charged a commission on the budget you spend.
  • full spectrum of analysis - your ad manager will do a full-on analysis of your competitors, as well as your brand & industry in order to find the most relevant demographics for your ad campaign.

Looking for agency rates? Email us at team@withwings.co