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What Does Your Instagram Direct Package Include?

Your account manager will send 400+ messages off your account per month.

July 8, 2019

instagram direct package withWings

while you're signed up to our Instagram direct package, your instagram ad manager will:

  • send 400+ personalized messages off your account per month, including;
  • messages to new followers, and;
  • messages to existing followers, and;
  • an optional follow up message for each.

In your message you may choose to include:

  • A link to your latest post, and/or;
  • a link to your website, and/or;
  • a discount code, and/or;
  • a tag for another Instagram account.

You can either specify the exact message you'd like sent, or leave it up to your ad manager.

Your manager will add subtle changes to each message in order to avoid spam filters.