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What is Your Cancellation & Refund Policy?

We do not grant refunds.

July 8, 2019

we do not grant refunds

All payments made to us are final. we will always spend the full ad budget you send us and do our best to get you highly targeted engagement.


if you;

  • change your Instagram login details with or without notifying us, and there is an issue with your campaign that cannot be resolved; and/or
  • do not wish to continue because you are in a financial crisis and/or do not have sufficient funds to cover your own personal expenses; and/or
  • are not pleased with the number of followers, sales or web visits you received during your ad campaign; and/or
  • are not pleased with the number of likes or comments or any similar metrics you received during your campaign; and/or
  • are not pleased with the types of accounts that were targeted by your ad manager; and/or
  • any other reason, parameter or metric regarding the management of your sponsored instagram post/ad campaign,

we will not grand you a refund.

if you have any issues, concerns or questions regarding the management of your instagram account, such as targeting, budget allocation and the like, please contact your instagram ad manager. The purpose of having a private campaign manager is to enable frequent and convenient communication regarding your instagram account and how it is being managed.