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our story

withWings is a one-of-a-kind company founded in Cape Town as a private, local service in 2016. Its co-founder, Liam Pitcher was and is passionate about social media; specifically its function in creative industries, and wanted to share his experience with other creatives. He started by helping out a couple of local businesses, such as Le Delizie, a local italian chocolatier and gelateria.

In 2018, Trent Pike, a serial entrepreneur and the mastermind behind instaLens, realised the potential of expanding the withWings service, and thus together they set out to make the offering available to the world. Today their service is one of the social media marketing industry’s best kept secrets, offering some of the most real and relevant results in the entire instagram world.

Trent & Liam always aspire to be as considerate as possible of their client’s needs. They are passionate about giving small brands a chance to make something of themselves on social-media, and are always pushing boundaries, while staying up to date with the latest ins and outs of the industry.

experts in our field

At withWings we have the tools and know-how to turn your stagnant instagram presence into a growing one.

We have helped dozens of business increase engagement, loyalty and sales through Instagram Marketing. Let us do the same for you.

meet the makers

serial entrepreneur meets mensa genius... it's a match made in heaven.

Strong liberal beliefs in ethics and environmentalism are the driving force behind trent's unique approach to business. his previous success of instaLens, a globally successful hardware based start-up, has given him the experience and skillset to structure and guide business development

liam pitcher

a musician at heart, liam specializes in both western classical art music composition and electronic music production. he has been featured as one of the top twenty classical pianists alive today on instagram. beside his musical prowess, liam has proven himself an adept businessman, turning his success on instagram into a means to help others find their own